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2018-05-28 10:50




  1Futurism, an early twentieth-century movement in art, rejected all traditions and attempts to glorify contemporary life by emphasizing the machine and motion.

  错误: and并列连接两个谓语,应该是平行结构。所以attempts应该改为attempted.

  2 But, for a small group of students, professional training might be the way to go since well-developing skills, all other factors being equal, can be the difference between having a job or not.

  错误: 培养良好的技能不是well-developing而是well-developed.

  3 For a group of remaining in existence, a profit-making organization must, in the long run, produces something consumers consider useful or desirable.

  错误: For a group of remaining in existence应该是For a group to remain in existence.只有后者才可以做一个目的状语。produces应该是produce,因为在插入语in the long run的前边有must.

  4 For a result of two or three centuries of scientific investigation, we have come to believe that Nature is understandable in the sense that when we ask her questions by way of appropriate observations and experiments,she will answer truly and reward us with discoveries that endure.

  错误: For a result of应该是As a result of.介词搭配不当.

  5 At the same time, young people should be encourage to communicate with their peers and develop their interpersonal skills, which may help them greatly to reduce dependence in their parents.

  错误: should be encourage应该是should be encouraged,情态动词的被动语态. dependence in应该是dependence on, 介词搭配不当.

  6 When a new movement in art attains a certain fashion, it is advisable to find out what their advocates are aiming at, for, however farfetched and unreasonable their principles may seem today, it is possible that in years to come they may be regarded as normal.

  错误: their advocates应该是its advocates. Its在这里指代的是a new movement in art.所以不能是their.

  7 Numerous other commercial enterprises, from theaters to magazine publishers, from gas and electric utilities to milk processors, bring better and more efficiently services to consumers through the use of computers.

  错误: efficiently services应该是efficient services. 这也是许多学生经常犯的一个错误。副词不能修饰名词,必须得改为形容词。

  8 The American economic system is, organizing around a basically private-enterprise, market-oriented economy in that consumers largely determine what shall be produced by spending their money in the marketplace for those goods and services that they want most.

  错误: organizing around a basically private-enterprise应该是organized around a basically private-enterprise.这里应该是过去分词来做一个伴随状语,而不应该是现在分词,因为它是主语的承受者。in that应该是in which.因为只有in which才能引导一个定语从句。in which=where, 在引导一个定语从句时,后面需要加上一个完整句。而in that只能引导一个状语从句=because.

  9 Thus, in the American economic system it is the demand of individual consumers, coupled with the desire of businessmen to maximize profits and the desire of individuals to maximize their incomes, which together determine what shall be produced and how resources are used to produce it.

  错误: which应该是that.与前面的it is构成一个强调句型。强调原句中的主语。

  10 The individual now has more information available than any generation, and the task of finding that one information relevant to his or her specific problem is complicated, time--consuming, and sometimes even overwhelming.

  错误: one information应该是one piece of information. 因为information是不可数名词,前面必须加量词修饰。

  11 While talking to you, your could-be employers is deciding whether your education, your experience, and other qualifications will pay him to employ you and your "wares" and abilities must be displayed in an orderly and reasonably connected manner.

  错误: While talking to you在这里没错。当主句的主语和状语从句的指代的是同一个人或物时,状语从句的主语可以省略,这就是状语从句省略结构。your could-be employers is应该是your could-be employers are.否则主谓不一致。pay him应该是pay him or her.

  12 With economic growth has come centralization: fully 76 percent of Japan’s 119 million citizens lives in cities which community and the extended family have been abandoned in favor of isolated, tow-generation households.

  错误: 119 million citizens lives应该是119 million citizens live. 否则主谓不一致。which应该是where或in which. which引导的定语从句应该是一个不完整的句子,where或in which的后面才能加上一个完整句

  13 After six months of arguing and final 16 hours of hot parliamentary debates, Australia’s Northern Territory became the first legal authority in the world to allow doctors to take the lives of incurably ill patients whom wish to die.

  错误: whom wish to die应该是who wish to die. whom引导的定语从句应该是一个不完整的句子,whom在定语从句中只能做宾语。而在who引导的定语从句,who既可以做主语,也可以做宾语。

  14 The great interest in exceptional children shown in public education over the past three decades indicate the strong feeling in our society that all citizens, whatever his special conditions, deserve the opportunity to fully develop their capabilities.

  错误: Indicate应该是indicates.因为该句的主语是The great interest。否则主谓不一致。whatever his special conditions应该是whatever their special conditions. Their在这里指代all citizens。

  15 Your humor must be relevant with the audience and should help to show them that you are one of them or that you understand their situation and are in sympathy with their point of view.

  错误: must be relevant with应该是must be relevant to. 介词搭配不当.

  16 "The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want, and if they cannot find them, make them." Such is the remark made by Bernard Shaw, a great writer. This view has been shared now by more and more people.

  错误: This view has been shared now应该是This view is shared now或者This view is now being shared.已经有了明确的时间状语now,所以这里只能用一般现在时或者现在进行时的被动语态。

  17 The current passion to making children compete against their classmates or against the clock produce a two-layer system, in which competitive A-types seem in some way better than their B type fellows

  错误: The current passion to应该是The current passion for. 介词搭配不当. produce应该是produces,因为该句话的主语是The current passion。否则主谓不一致。

  18 Science moves forward, they say, not so much through the insights of great men of genius as because of more ordinary things like improving techniques and tools.

  错误: improving techniques and tools应该是improved techniques and tools.用过去分词或现在分词做状语时,要注意它们与被修饰名词的关系。这里讲得是被改进过的技术和工具,所以应该是improved techniques and tools而不是improving techniques and tools。

  19 The "shareholders" as such have no knowledge of the lives, thoughts or needs of the workmen employing by the company in which he hold shares, and his influence on the relations of capital and labor are not good.

  错误: employing by the company应该是employed by the company.过去分词做后置定语时,相当于一个省略了的定语从句。所以这里的employed by the company相当于who are employed by the company. he hold shares应该是they hold shares.因为这里的they指代的是The "shareholders"。his influence on the relations应该是their influences on the relations. Their在这里也是指代The "shareholders"。

  20 During the discussion of rock singing verses at last month's stockholders' meeting, Levin assert that "music is not the cause of society's ills" and even cited his son, a teacher in the Bronx, New York, who uses rap to communicate with students.

  错误: and并列连接两个谓语,应该是平行结构。 assert应该是asserted.





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